The Teas of the World

At Uncle Lee’s, our ultimate goal is to share Chinese tea traditions with the world, but we happily embrace a diverse set of old and new recipes alike. Over the course of several thousand years, tea has spread across the globe, starting from China, then Northeastern Asia (such as Japan and Korea) to southern Asia (such as India) then to other parts of the world such as South African with Rooibus tea and Latin America with Yerba Mate tea. However, western culture is mainly based on Black Tea from England.

Not every country is represented in our catalog, but we are proud to share a unique set of customs and techniques with our customers. Although green tea remains our biggest product, our black teas embody a hybrid of sorts, utilizing both traditionally eastern harvesting methods along with a process of oxidization popularized in the West. We also offer our own take on Japanese Sencha, a sweet, grassy tea that’s hugely popular in its native country. Our chai teas, meanwhile, are characterized by unique spices directly imported from India and North Africa.

Our collection of high-quality teas is considerable, but Uncle Lee’s is only the beginning. There is a vast assortment of traditions out there for you to discover as you seek out new favorites.

We wish you happy journeys.
"Uncle Lee's Farm in China"